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My Video Blogging Setup | @laurenfairwx is not difficult but not easy too for beginner. My Video Blogging Setup | @laurenfairwx
In this video we will learn a little bit about My Video Blogging Setup | @laurenfairwx


My Video Blogging Setup | @laurenfairwx
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I get questions about my video blogging setup quite often and while it changes over time, this is a video about what I’m currently using to make my videos. More info below, including some shows I’m playing soon.

Canon Rebel T1i (with kit lens) – here’s a video I filmed with this DSLR:…
Sony Handycam HDR-CX150 – here’s a video I filmed with this camcorder:…
Sony NEX 3n (with kit lens) – I filmed this video with this camera! Still trying to find the best settings for filming video, and so this video has stripes. Odd!

Canon EOS Utility (can be used to live view as you’re filming)
Final Cut Pro X

Soft box lighting kit:…

I mentioned it briefly in this video, but I’m going to VidCon this year! It’ll be my first one. You might want to check out the schedule for Friday at 2pm… because I might be doing an awesome panel that you miiight be interested in:

Other shows I have coming up:
Cincinnati, OH on Friday July 26th:…
LeakyCon London, England:

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